Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's been a while since I had the urge to write about the only real thing in my life. And, of course, that's not because she has become any less real or important now, it's only because I've forgotten how to put such strong emotions into words. It's hard to explain these feelings. These feelings, they keep me hostage to your words. What you say, what you feel and how you do it all makes all the difference to how I feel.

The way you open your eyes in the morning, the way you close your eyes at night, the way you laugh with me, the way you laugh at me, the way you look at me, the way you get angry when I can't stop myself from fooling around, the way you hold me when you feel insecure, the way you hold me when you just feel happy, the way you lean on me when we take pictures, the way you lean on me when you're about to fall asleep, the way you hug me when I sleep, the way you put your hands between my arms just to warm up, the way you make me a little frustrated and the way you simply make me smile again, the way you try so hard to be angry at me but just end up laughing, the way you walk into the kitchen just to get me a drink, the way you wait up late nights just to sleep with me, the way you play video games with me just to show you care, the way you look when you put on a shirt of mine, the way you...

The way you do all these things (and so much more) is what pushes me even closer toward your heart. You are my gravity, forever pulling me closer to you and I simply can't stop myself. These past three weeks or so have been simply beautiful. In a way, I'm kind of glad we were stuck at home. At least, that way, I could spend every waking minute with you, just you. I feel I have to thank you. Not just for taking a 35 hour flight here, but for showing me what my world could be. A dreamland filled with butterflies and moonlight. I can't imagine a better world. I can't imagine a better girl; you are my dream girl, Miki Lim! You have my heart and all that is in it. And you always will.

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